PLLDF’s Pro-Life, Pro-Family Flag Flies in Waltham, MA

From March 11th to March 12th, PLLDF’s newly created pro-life, pro-family flag flew fully and proudly on the Main Street flagpole outside the Waltham, MA City Hall. The combination of good weather and favorable wind velocity enabled the image and words (PRO-LIFE, PRO-MOTHER, PRO-FATHER, and PRO-CHILD) to stand out clearly in plain view.

See the two images which illustrate how this double-sided nylon flag flew so that it could be read from both sides. Also, see the attached computer image of the flag.

PLLDF is pleased to publicly proclaim this pro-life, pro-family message which includes women, men, and children.

Our flag is available for flagpoles throughout Massachusetts (for cities/towns, churches, schools, Knights of Columbus councils, or elsewhere).

Contact PLLDF at or at (617) 970-0928 if your organization would like to borrow one of our flags or if you’d like information about how to purchase one.