Controversial ROE Act: PLLDF Testifies at MA State House

PLLDF’s president testified at the June 17th public hearing on the controversial ROE Act. The hearing was before the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, and held in the Gardner Auditorium at the MA State House. Because of the great number of concerned citizens attending the hearing, an overflow crowd filled the Great Hall at the State House.

During the approximately seven (7) hours of testimony, beginning at about 3:00 PM, many pro-life advocates gave eloquent testimony about the dangers of the ROE Act. PLLDF was given an opportunity to speak at approximately 9:20 PM, and chose to express its opposition to the act for three reasons: (1) The bill obscures the fundamental truths about human life; (2) The bill invites serious health risks to Massachusetts minors; and (3) The bill will weaken families in Massachusetts.

See PLLDF’s testimony here.