2019 Century Brunch – A HUGE Success!

A genuine pro-life hero, James “Jim” Lyons received the prestigious Thomas More Award at PLLDF’s 2019 Century Brunch on April 27th. Approximately 120 guests, including more than 20 pro-life law students, were inspired and energized by Jim’s testimony.

Jim served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives for eight years during which time, in his own words, he “brought the pro-life movement back to the State House.” He established the first-ever pro-life, pro-family caucus on Beacon Hill and instituted its annual Celebration of Life day in the Great Hall of the State House. He courageously did this despite knowing the political price that might be paid.

Jim praised his loving wife Bernadette as the great source of his pro-life strength and resolve. Bernadette, a pro-life champion in her own right, has rescued many lives as a sidewalk counselor for more than 30 years.

Jim was described as the William Wilberforce of the Massachusetts pro-life movement. Like Wilberforce, who was largely responsible for the abolition of the great moral wrong of slavery in the British Colonies, Jim is bringing awareness of the great moral wrong of abortion in Massachusetts.

Guests also heard of PLLDF’s accomplishments over the last year, including the filing of legal briefs in the United States Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, preventing two major Boston hospitals from unlawfully denying life-saving treatment to elderly patients, providing counsel to clients at prenancy help centers, and other meaningful pro-life activities.

See selected photos of the event below: