Another Successful HUSH Showing on College Campus

PLLDF and the American University Women for Life (AUWL) continued their efforts to introduce college audiences to the HUSH documentary.

On October 30th, PLLDF and AUWL joined with Jumbos For Life, a Tufts University pro-life student organization, for a viewing of HUSH on Tufts’ Medford campus.

Audience members expressed particular appreciation for how HUSH examines crucial issues affecting women’s health: the link between abortion and breast cancer, the causative effect of abortion on premature births, and the oftentimes devastating mental health effects experienced by post-abortive women.

PLLDF is willing to help with additional campus showings or viewings at another location. If interested, please contact PLLDF at or 617-969-8383.

For more information, including purchasing or renting your own copy of HUSH – or obtaining an Educational Copy and License, go to